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Sunday, February 13, 2005

A Great Afternoon Thanks to 'gator aide

2-13-05 -- Sunday evening. I just finished a weekend of 'minding the store' here at TravelHome Park in Yuba City. It rained a bit last night and then off and on again all day and made us VERY thankful that yesterday provided the really great weather we had.

This has been an unproductive week as far as obtaining a granddaughter is concerned. Jennifer, however, has been trying and putting up with the contractions and shenanigans that Katie is providing for her entertainment while she waits.

On Wednesday I had a gold crown installed on one of my teeth which constituted the final doctor/dentist appointments for both Steve and I until June, so we are ready to roll after we know Katie is on earth and that she and Jennifer are in good health.

Newborns, of course are lovable little creatures but not much for activity other than sleeping, eating and loading their disposable diapers so I am willing to let the other three grannies claim Katie and when I get back in June she will be turning into a real person for MY turn.

Just got an email from #1 son who says his group, the Mojave Bottom Boys, played a gig at a retirement party in one of the hangers at Edwards AFB. He said he played a solo on his harmonica and banjo. Now the question is ... is that a solo or a duet?

Okay... the chilly weather we've been having parted Saturday and a gorgeous day slipped through. I was tending the park and knew that our next door neighbor was a most unusual fellow with a most unusual job. I had asked if I might interview him and then photograph some of his animals for a magazine article. He said if the day got warm enough for them to be out we could get pictures.

The day was warm enough and the grass was green and perfect for photographing Nessie, his five foot alligator, Banana, an albino Burmese Python and Abigail, an even bigger Burmese Python. His black and yellow carpet Python seemed to like wandering around in my gray hair. They entertained us for hours.

Had you asked me Friday if I would ever touch a snake, let alone get all wrapped up by one I would have said "not on your life!" But these snakes were great. I'm not sure if I can get photos on this Blog but I will try.