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Thursday, January 27, 2005

In the Blog-ining

1-27-05 -- This is called a Blog. You've probably heard of them by now since they've been around for a year or so. I hope I can remember how to make it work as it strikes me as a good way to log some of the things we do and then if folks are interested they can click on the URL in my email signature and find out what's up with me (us?). I will endeavor to put something up at least monthly and more frequently if things warrant. It will mostly be for when we are traveling because that is definitely when our lives are more interesting to write and read about. Take, for example, this winter. It has been a definite four-letter word winter since the git-go... actually since November. Oh... the four letter word, by the way, is G-R-A-Y!! Rain is also a four letter word and we have had plenty of that.

We have spent the winter in Yuba City for several reasons. Doctor appointments, dentist appointments and Katie Ann Crawford ... who will arrive in February. Not having a granddaughter yet I kind of wanted to wait for her to get here. After she and her mom, Jennifer, are settled in Steven and I hope to head for Hope, or Congress to the woodcarvers workshop, or just about anywhere we can go to find sunshine and warm, fogless days.

Don't get the idea that we don't like Yuba City. We do. Steve has enjoyed visiting with his family and we've had dinner with them a couple times a month. I got to see my family Thanksgiving, Christmas and some other gatherings.

Travel has been limited to extended rides around the area. We love to drive through the Sutter Buttes and we usually check out Oroville to see how much water is there. One day, driving around southwest of Yuba City somewhere (we get "lost" a lot), we came across some cotton farmers harvesting their crop. I hadn't thought much about cotton being grown here in northern California and it was surely interesting to see how they harvested it.

Well, here it is the end of January and we have been here since the end of May last year! If God had wanted people to stay in one place that long he wouldn't have let us invent recreational vehicles!!