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Saturday, March 26, 2005

There Really is Hope

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Our two weeks in Lancaster came and went all too quickly. The Lancaster Crawfords are always incredibly active and busily fill each day from dawn to dusk. They try to include us in all that they do and we try to keep up but sometimes run short of energy as we acclimate ourselves to a higher altitude. Going from less than 50’ above sea level in the Sacramento Valley to Antelope Valley’s almost 2500’ saps our get-up-and-go until we get accustomed to it. But it is respectable conditioning for 1800’ Hope, and even higher, Congress, Arizona.

Steve got the satellite dish working for our computers, but we could also use wireless from Mark’s computer system in the house. Mark prides himself on running a ‘single-space RV park’ with all the amenities possible. He’s even promised the pool will be up and running when we get back in May.

With time passing so quickly and our bent for procrastination we didn’t get done a lot of things we wanted to do. But it’s always fun to be involved in the family activities when we visit Lancaster.

We packed down the morning of Friday, March 19th, and as Steve rolled the house off of a leveling board I noticed a bit of a bulge in one of our new trailer tires. It ‘squatted’ (as Steve calls it) more than it should so there was probably a slow leak. There was no convenient tire shop that we knew of on the way we were headed between east Lancaster and Victorville, so Steve got out the 12 volt air compressor and we waited while it filled the tire.

Talking to Mark later he asked why we didn’t use the air compressor he had purchased last year. He said it was included as one of the amenities of the ‘park’ and he had told us before that we could use it anytime. It was my fault... I had forgotten all about it. Most RV parks don’t have compressed air available.

We departed Lancaster around 11 a.m. just in time to get into a noontime traffic crunch in Victorville... or maybe it wasn’t just a Friday jam. Maybe Victorville and Apple Valley are always subject to traffic clogs. We’ve only been there three or four times.

We had chosen a route to circumvent Victorville by taking a small road called Air Base Road that junctioned with Highway 395 at Adelante and should take us south east to Highway 18. What we didn’t find out until too late was that road had been renamed. There was no place to turn the house around so we stopped for lunch and then headed east on Highway 18 from where it crossed the 395, to Lucerne Valley and then took 247 through Landers to Yucca Valley. When we head back to Lancaster we will take Bear Valley Road that goes due west from the 18 just below Apple Valley. It comes out on the 15 between Hisperia and Victorville and misses all that other traffic.

Traveling is definitely educational!

We traveled on through 29 Palms and then through the vast desert along Highway 62 to the Colorado River and across to Parker, AZ. The desert in California was beautiful, thanks to the rainy winter months. Each change in altitude seems to bring about a change in vegetation and color. I wish I knew all the names that go with the colors... purple lupin, I know, and white Joshua tree blossoms... but there were also oranges and yellows and some red ground cover that was so thick it looked like red soil with green shrubs growing up through. Valley after valley amazed us because they were so unusually green.

By the time we got to Parker, had dinner and headed for Hope it was too dark to see if the Arizona desert compared to the beauty of the California one. We knew we were late so I called Ramblin’ Roads RV Park and Paul said he would be in the office until nine. We pulled in at 8.

You gotta love the large spaces and great views at this out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere RV park. The weather has been good... cold at night and sunny most of the days. The wind and allergies from abundant sprouting growth are the trade-offs for this spacious, peaceful snowbird spot. It’s like coming home at this point because we’ve stayed here a month or so for many years.

We have meet up with old friends and tomorrow is the start of the park’s farewell to winter visitors week. Our satellite computer connection is working perfectly and yesterday I got some up-to-date photos granddaughter Katie. Are we livin’ large... or what??!!


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